After a wonderful Spring season, My Secret Romance came to an abrupt ending this week. Stars Sung HoonSong Ji Eun, Kim Jae Young Jung Da Sol and many others made the ultimate fantasy tale come to life for us, and we can't believe it's already over. There are so many reasons why this production deserves a second season. For one, viewers can't survive the work week without it! So, I have listed 10 reasons we can't live without a season 2 of My Secret Romance.

1. We need a new couple to gush over every week! Whether it be a real life pair like Song Seung Hun and Liu Yi Fei or a pretend idol one, we love daydreaming about our favorite TV couple all week long. 

2. My Secret Romance had rare PDA you can't find in many K-dramas. The lip-locks were intense and plentiful in this one of a kind gem. How will we ever be able to survive without Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) and Yoo Mi's (Song Ji Eun) kissing? Another season is the only way.

3. We're dying to see the other couple's relationships blossom. From the seductive teasing to future trips, we are all wishes for a few more episodes featuring the supporting stars' love stories. Will Hyun Tae (Kim Jae Young) and Hye Ri (Jung Da Sol) ever go on their first romantic trip together?

4. Dramaland needs more bold women like Lee Yoo Mi's mom! Households will never be the same since we were introduced to one of the first K-drama mom's with a racy past. It was shocking that she was so proud of it too.

5. K-drama car dates will never be the same after My Secret Romance. We are dying to see more couples not only have those sexy beach dates, but take long rides in a variety of different luxury vehicles. How about a stretch limo next?

6. Where else can we watch a K-drama mom get married twice in the same TV series? Only in My Secret Romance! Double the weddings... double the fun for us. 

7. The soundtrack is on fire! This series infused K-Pop and an English language track to make a stellar OST. The highlight of the whole project was our couple's sweet duet single "Same". I just wish Sung Hoon had more solo singing time. A second season with the stars performing the theme song would be heaven!

8. We are going to miss the beach like crazy! The seaside represented the start of our couple's love story, and their first love at that! We will never forget the symbolic meaning. Hopefully, a new couple will make even more meaningful memories if we get a season 2.

9. We didn't get the right dose of bromance in season one. Jin Wook's assistant hinted at it in early episodes, but can you imagine if the two love rivals actually became besties? It would have made for great drama viewing.

10. The love rivals didn't put up enough of a fight before they decided to move on. Their presence always annoys us in dramas, but they are necessary to prove how much the main couple love each other. The struggle wasn't real enough!

What season 2 reasons would you add to this list?

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