Nam Joo Hyuk makes our week so much brighter with his hilarious portrayal of the aloof water god, Habaek. Now that the relationships are finally being developed in the series, we are on cloud nine. Nam always chooses fun productions, and The Bride of the Water God is another gem.

Besides his drama choices, there are so many reasons to love the 23-year-old star on and off-screen. Today, I have listed just a few reasons why we adore Nam Joo Hyuk.

1. He's the best TV god ever!

From his hilarious quotes to his undying devotion to his servant, Nam's portrayal of a television god earns its way in your top 10 for uniqueness alone. Habaek may be a rigid deity, but his odd personality traits make him so lovable. It doesn't hurt that he is a quick study, and his water bubble can save someone's life. 

2. Nam's on-screen kisses melt us.

His kiss must be magic, because it sparked a real life relationship with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo co-star Lee Sung Kyung. I wonder how he affected fellow leading ladies Shin Se Kyung (The Bride of the Water God) and Girls Generation's Seohyun (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo).

3. He keeps us updated on his life via social media.

The actor/model makes certain his almost 8 million Instagram followers are entertained and stay updated on the milestones in his life. From his latest productions to his vacation spots, fans are the first ones to know about it. One of his recent posts featured a chicken-themed cake honoring Habaek's love of chicken. 

4. His humble beginnings.

He began his career in entertainment as a model in 2013 and got his big break in Akdong Musician's "200%" music video. No matter where his career takes him, he will always be Soo Hyun's first love. 

5. His incredible body gives us fitness goals.

After we finish swooning over Nam Joo Hyuk's perfect abs, we realize it's time to go to the gym! He indirectly encourages that we can all be just as fit (and gorgeous) as him with the right lifestyle plan. Not that we aren't already gorgeous!

6. He and his celebrity bestie are the real deal.

Nam and Ji Soo are self-proclaimed close friends in real life. They admitted to spending time at each other's houses and just hanging out. No fake friendship for publicly here. 

7. Nam Joo Hyuk encourages us to swim year-round.

Several of his previous dramas feature him as a swimmer, and The Bride of the Water God made him ruler of water. Whether it's summer or winter, it's always a great time to swim. That's what indoor pools were made for!

8. He is apart of the iconic YG Family!

He's label-mates with a host of A-list stars like Choi Ji Woo, Cha Seung WonGu Hye Sun and Lee Jong Suk. The idol roster of the agency is just as incredible with BIGBANG and Black Pink. 

What additional reasons do have for loving Nam Joo Hyuk?  


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Image Credit: Nam Joo Hyuk's Instagram  and YG Entertainment