It's time for a good old fashioned K-drama sob fest. 

Lovely Love Lie ended this week, and we don't know what to do with ourselves! Lee Hyun WooRed Velvet's JoyLee Seo Won and the rest of the incredible cast brought so much happiness into our lives every week. We can't believe it's goodbye already. Before you tune into your next K-drama obsession, let's reminisce about the good times with Lovely Love Lie and reasons we never want to bid farewell to this extraordinary gem. 

1. The addictive K-Pop!

Yoon So Rim (Red Velvet's Joy) slayed in the K-drama's OST time and time again. Kang Han Kyul (Lee Hyun Woo) and Crude Play helped a little, but our girl owned most of the soundtrack. We will never forget the song that tied our lovers together. "I'm Ok" is forever etched in our minds. 

2. So Rim's undying love for Han Kyul.

She was his number one fan in the very beginning. So Rim vowed to never give up Han Kyul, because she liked him. In the end, she forgave him for all the lies he told. She is truly one of kind, and almost impossible to find in the real world.

3. Hang Kyul finally pouring out his heart to So Rim.

Long after coming clean with all the lies, he opened up to his girlfriend about how he messed up with his band Crude Play and how inadequate he felt. She cheered him up the best way she knew how, while he bawled his eyes out. 

4. The adorable PDA!

From our lead couple to Shi Hyun (Uniq's Kim Sung Joo) and Soo Yeon's (Lee Ha Eun) longtime crush turned relationship, we anxiously waited every week for the couples' swoonworthy affection. Of course, they delivered in the end!

5. The flower boy cast blessed the production and our lives.

Crude Play and Producer K should be a band in real life! Viewers fell for their good looks and K-drama bromance. No one will ever replace them. 

6. We'll miss Chan Young (Lee Seo Won) and So Rim's heart to heart conversations.

The idol and fan formed a bond many of us can only envy. The two promised to work with each other exclusively and did their best to honor their verbal agreement. I don't think many fans would be like So Rim and turn down the opportunity to date their idol bias. Of course, Han Kyul was apart of Crude Play too. So I guess she couldn't lose.

7. The love story between Han Kyul's father (Choi Min Soo) and the WHO Entertainment CEO (Park Ji Young) was never explored.

We understood that these two had strong feelings for each other at one point in their lives, but it seemed like the CEO was left with unrequited love along the way. Now that they are both single again, we wanted to see their possible future together. 

What reason has you holding on to Lovely Love Lie forever?

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