Family-friendly film A Long Way Off premiered on DramaFever this month, and American actors Jason BurkeyEdie McClurg and Robert Davi joined a host of stars in the feel-good production. The story, about an irresponsible son wasting his inheritance and returning home, may seem mundane at first glance, but it actually has more in common with you favorite K-drama than you think. Let's take a look at the similarities now. 

1. The second lead syndrome is intense.

Throughout the film, we are constantly rooting for Jake (actor Jason Burkey) to pick the nice girl at the coffee shop, but he is fiercely drawn to his sexy neighbor (who is only interested in his money). Like so many K-dramas, the second lead is always best choice. Will Jake finally make our dreams come true?

2. A Long Way Off's action scenes are shocking.

Just when you think your K-drama is a peaceful series, a villain appears out of nowhere and transforms it into a whole new genre. Our protagonist transitions from the peaceful country life to the good life only to be the target of a lethal mobster (actor Robert Davi). The rapid turn of events is jarring.

3. It has quotable phrases you will be repeating for years to come.

Many of your favorite love stories have romantic quotes that make you melt each time you hear them, but this film has words to ponder. They stick to you like glue. 

4. It's sprinkled with unique music.

Pivotal scenes, like Jake traveling to the big city, resonate with you because the music is unique and touching. Your favorite dramas always have at least one or two songs that represent the production and stick with you well after the series is over. If you listen closely, this film has those songs as well.

5. The family instills humility.

Many K-dramas have hard-working families who remind their children to be humble and have morals. Jake's dad, Mr. Abraham, along with his older brother, encourage him to not only make good choices in life, but for their company as well.

6. Religion is a focal point.

Christianity, Buddhism and even Shamanism are present in several modern and even historical dramas. Churches and temples are always around for characters to worship, pray and get hitched in. In A Long Way Off, they place an emphasis on Christianity and even reference a Bible verse in the beginning of the film. 

These are some of the reasons that stood out the first time I watched this wonderful movie. Which reason is making you anxious to watch A Long Way Off this weekend? 


A Long Way Off

Starring Robert Davi and Edie McClurg

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