K-drama fans are in celebration mode after the dating news of Hwang Jung Eum and former pro golfer Lee Young Don was made public. The happy couple is still in the blissful beginning stages of their relationship, so the idea of matrimony is still in the distant future. However, I think it's time to list why the She Was Pretty actress and the golfer/businessman make the perfect pair.

1. They are both celebrities.

The couple understands what it is like to be under the media's microscope, so when the paparazzi surveillance gets intense, they can figure out how to overcome it together.

2. Opposites attract.

Her career as an actress and his choice to be an athlete give the couple plenty to talk about. They can learn so much about each other's exciting careers.

3. She can teach her beau how to strike a pose.

Lee can master the art of the perfect selfie after his model/actress girlfriend gives him a few pointers. Hwang knows all about the proper makeup and right angles to get the best shot. Her incredible transformation on She Was Pretty proves that.

4. Hwang is all about going steady, while golf and business are secure career choices.

They are seriously passionate people. She dated her last boyfriend for almost a decade, and to play golf you have to be incredibly dedicated to the intricate sport. Plus, he is now a driven businessman.

5. Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Young Don are great catches!

She is a lovely and successful actress. Her beau is a former pro golfer and smart businessman. If they don't marry soon, the'll lose out. Right now, they are set to become South Korea's next power couple.

Congratulations on their new romance! Are you cheering for the newest celebrity couple?

Watch Hwang Jung Eum in She Was Pretty now:

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