You can bet that a significant part of any K-drama will take place in the main character's car. K-drama characters seem to always be driving somewhere, and something dramatic is bound to happen while in the confines of a vehicle. There's just one problem: K-drama characters are notoriously terrible drivers! From driving too fast to failing to pay attention to the road, and deciding when and where they can randomly stop their cars, it's surprising these characters are still allowed to drive!

Keep reading to find out what driving offences K-drama characters commit all the time that make them arguably the worst drivers in the world!

1. They drive way too fast or way to slowly

K-drama drivers seem to have a problem keeping up with traffic. Either they are speeding through tight city streets or being passed by other motorists on busy roads.

Photo from: You Are All Surrounded

2. They too often drive when overly emotional

Driving is an activity that requires a level head and rational thinking. However, most K-drama drivers seem to find it necessary to take to the roads when they are overly emotional and not thinking straight.  They are upset, sad, angry, or a mixture of all these emotions! When their minds are on something else, you can be sure they are not paying attention to their driving.

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3. They never have their eyes on the road

Speaking of not paying attention, why is it that K-drama drivers never have their eyes on the road? (This is actually a problem across all television shows and movies, to be honest.) Whenever a K-drama driver has a passenger in the car, they think it is more important to focus on their companion and their conversation than the road. This is how accidents happen! When driving, you need to pay attention to the road!

Photo from Nice Guy

4. They make dangerous U-turns on a moment's notice

If you're using K-dramas as an example for driving in Korea, you would assume that there are no rules prohibiting u-turns anywhere in the country. More often than not, K-drama drivers can be found making dangerous u-turns in the middle of a busy street. Many times they don't even wait for an intersection — they just whip their car around and speed off in the opposite direction.

Photo from Dating Agency: Cyrano

5. They seem to spend more time sleeping in cars than actually driving

If you are out looking for your favorite K-drama characters, they can more often than not be found in their car sleeping on the side of the road. These vehicular cat naps are a must in Dramaland. But sleeping behind the wheel (even if you aren't actually driving) doesn't make me confident about these characters' driving abilities. Maybe they should spend more time in their beds than on the road...

Photo from: Nice Guy

6. They fail to be aware of their surroundings

Maybe Cheon Song Yi is a special case of a character who really has no business driving at all! But what can she do? She's spent the better part of her life being driven around in fancy company vans instead of driving her "baby." So when she finally does take her precious car our for a spin, it's a disaster! She's driving far too slowly, swerving all over the road, not using her signals correctly. It's a nightmare.

Photo from: My Love From Another Star

7. They stop their cars on the side of the road without any notice

One of the hallmark K-drama driving scenarios is when the driver pulls along the side of the road so that the passenger can get out of the car. In the middle of a busy road, unexpectedly pulling to the side (or just stopping in the middle of the road) is an accident starter for sure.

Photo from: Iris

8. They are always running on empty

Every good driver knows to check the gas meter before embarking on a driving journey. But not K-drama drivers! Somehow, these drivers are always running out of gas in the middle of nowhere and are forced to either walk to a gas station or have a friend or assistant bring some gas to them. That's just irresponsible! I'm talking to you Dokko Jin!

Photo from: The Greatest Love

9. They allow their passengers to dangerously hang out of the car

Sometimes what makes for a fun scene also makes for a dangerous driving situation. Standing up and hanging out of car windows and convertible tops is always a bad idea. Shame on you Han Kyul and Eun Chan for setting a terrible example!

Photo from: Coffee Prince

10. They always manage to hit people on deserted roads

I don't know about anyone else, but the high chance of getting hit by a car makes me fearful of ever driving or walking in Korea! And all of these pedestrian/car accidents seem to happen on otherwise deserted roads and involve one or more of the other bad driving practices on this list. My suggestion for characters walking in Korea — never run into the road and always watch for cars before crossing the street!

Photo from: It's Okay, That's Love

11. They have an abnormally high rate of accidents in general

Besides just hitting people, K-drama drivers seem to get in more accidents than any other demographic of drivers ever. No K-drama is complete without some kind of car accident!

Photo from: It's Okay, That's Love

Even though they are terrible drivers, we can't help but love them! Especially when they have adorable car moments like this:

Gif from: Cheongdamdong Alice

What do you think of the driving abilities of your favorite K-drama characters? Are you equally as scared for them as I am? Comment down below!

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