What would you do if EXO moved in next door? Would you scream, become their best friend, or remain a diehard fan? Actress Moon Ga Young is taking on the role of lovestruck neighbor Ji Yeon Hee in the new series EXO Next Door. She will be portraying every fan's dream as she lives next door to the hot boy group, and two of the boys actually fall in love with her!

How can she choose between D.O. and Chan Yeol? I'll make it a little easier by pointing out a few reasons why D.O. is the best choice. 

1. He is adorable.

Who can reject that face? He knows how to turn the aegyo (cuteness) on when it's necessary.

2. D.O. can hold his own as a solo artist.

He touches hearts with his smooth vocals. One serenade is all it will take to win a girl's heart. His "Crying Out" single is a perfect example.

3. He is carving out his own path as an actor.

He not only sang "Crying Out" for the Cart movie soundtrack, but he starred in the film too! D.O. took on the role of Choi Tae Young.

Also, he portrayed Han Kang Woo in the fan favorite TV series It's Okay, That's Love. The cute singer was recently cast in the upcoming film Pure Love.

4. He is younger than Chan Yeol by a year.

Younger is better! He is a little closer to the female lead's age, and that is always a plus.

5. D.O. and BTOB's Lim Hyun Sik attended the same school.

He has idol connections! D.O. could hold amazing K-pop parties for Yeon Hee anytime she wants. She doesn't have to be limited to only SMTown parties.

6. He is a Austin Mahone lookalike.

If Austin were Korean, he would favor D.O. Who doesn't love Austin Mahone? 

7. He can give Justin Bieber a run for his popularity.

Austin is Justin's rival in music, so if D.O. looks like him, Bieber has even more stiff competition to beat. The Selena Gomez romance rumors should be moving to Korea.

Team D.O., which reason is your favorite?

You can see EXO Next Door on DramaFever this Friday, June 5! Become a fan of the series HERE to receive new episode alerts, and check out the trailer below:

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