Kai is coming! On April 19, DramaFever will bring you one of the most popular web dramas of the year, Choco Bank. The EXO member joins the lovely Park Eun Bin in a romantic short series all about starting your own business. Before the series premieres on DramaFever, I want to give you seven great reasons you absolutely can not miss Kai in this production.

1. Choco Bank was a high-rated web drama when it premiered in February.

When South Korean audiences first viewed it on Naver TV Cast, they literally fell in love. Almost 3 Million tuned in online!

2. You get a glimpse of Kai's potential corporate look.

Who doesn't want this EXO hottie in a cubical next to them? Even though his character has been unemployed for years, the 22-year-old idol puts on a suit and tie and is office-ready in this short series.

3. His on-screen name means "bank."

The name Eun Haeng will not only prove to be good luck for the character, but probably for the viewer too! I mean you already won the lottery by watching a hot idol on screen.

4. This is his very first leading role.

Choco Bank is pretty much Kai's acting debut. Following brief features in EXO Next Door and To The Beautiful You, this is the first time he takes on a main role in any production.

5. He has his first on-screen kiss.

He locks lips on screen with actress Eun Bin, breaking fans' hearts everywhere. Whether fans recover or not, I know they want to see how the sweet scene turns out.

6. You can "overdose" on a sexy idol.

Six episodes gives you time to fangirl over an idol you have been crushing on since 2012. You remember that classic EXO song about overdosing on love, right? I think it applies here.

7. He slayed as Taemin's duet partner for the song "Pretty Boy."

Kai brought his smooth vocals and dance moves when he performed with his best friend, SHINee's Taemin. He helped out his buddy on his debut solo album in 2014, but he almost overshadowed the veteran. 

Will you be watching Choco Bank when it premieres next Tuesday? 

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Choco Bank

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Park Eun Bin

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