Stars Taecyeon and Song Ha Yoon are delighting viewers in their new web series Touching You. In the drama, the sweet pair initially meets because Hee Young (Song Ha Yoon) needs Jin Woo (Taecyeon)'s psychic insight regarding her love life, but they end up falling in love with each other. If you are looking for a fresh romantic/mystery series this summer, Touching You is your show! I have listed eight reasons this short K-drama is a must-see.

1. It's a short series you can enjoy on your lunch break or easily marathon at home in one sitting.

2. Taecyeon looks like an adorable nerdy schoolboy at work. Technology proves nerds are so hot!

3. She's the girl from Dream Knight! If you loved Song Ha Yoon's acting with GOT7, you have to see her interaction with a 2PM member.

4. Wonder Girls' Hyerim's cameo appearance is everything! The way she tries to fool her JYPNation brother is hilarious.

5. It has the most romantic swing scene where the two leads' sizzling chemistry ignites.

6. Before they even meet, it is love at first sight for both characters. She looked like a vision in white, while he was the gorgeous guy admiring her from afar.

7. You can get your supernatural fix by watching Do Jin Woo's coveted psychic powers.

8. You get to see even more Taecyeon while you wait for the next episode of Let's Fight Ghost!

All twelve episodes of Touching You are available for you to start your K-drama marathon! Which reason is enough for you to become a fan of the show?


Touching You

Starring Ok Taec Yeon and Song Ha Yoon

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