Hip Hop Teacher brings so much more than swag into the classroom. The teachers and students actually teach each other how to live life to the fullest. The children are able to release their stress through music, and the adults continue to mature throughout the music production process. In short, this mini-series is addictive! Here are 6 reasons why you will be enthralled the moment you start watching it.  

1. The musical creativity!

I loved the way the children reinvented rap music by writing lyrics that illustrated their lives. They introduced viewers to a whole new way to embrace hip hop, and inspired their teacher Gong Seul KI (actress Lee Joo Young) along the way.

2. The teachers' romance is darling.

Teacher Gong's budding relationship with a colleague (actor Ahn Woo Yeon) is unlike anything you'd expect! He slowly tries to get her attention, until they have viewers laughing out loud during their private moments. You wonder who are truly the students in the end.

3. The on-screen womance is everything.

Teacher Gong Seul Ki and temp teacher Kim Yu Bin (Kim Yura) had an instant connection and accidentally became best friends. Yu Bin stuck to Seul Ki like glue on and off campus, and you can't help but envy their strong bond. 

4. Seul Gi finding her inner strength.

Once upon a time, Seul Gi gave up on her imminent hip hop career because of betrayal and no one supported her. Throughout the series, she slowly learns to believe in herself and her dreams again.

5.  A real idol stars in the series, and it features fan favorites.

Girl's Day member Kim Yura played carefree temp teacher Kim Yu Bin, while G2 SHORTY, former KARA member Kang Ji Young, comedian Hong Yoon Hwa and more made special guest appearances. 

6. Their unique sense of humor.

Teachers and students alike made sure the mini-series was sprinkled with just the right amount of comedy. When you least expected it, the cleverest joke pops up. 

Which reason piques your interest in Hip Hop Teacher?


Hip Hop Teacher

Starring Kim Yura and Ahn Woo Yeon

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