My Secret Romance spiced up our lives with its ultra sexy premiere this week. From chocolates abs to their steamy love scene, this romantic comedy is truly one of a kind. Whether your best friend is a K-drama lover or not, My Secret Romance has enough American inspired elements to hook them from the beginning. 

I have found 10 reasons why you need to watch this drama with your bestie STAT! 

1. Dance fantasies are everything! There is nothing better that letting loose in your mind, because no one can beat you on the dance floor.Just ask Lee Yoo Mi (Secret's Song Ji Eun)! 

2. The comedy level is high in My Secret Romance, and the possibly of a bromance between Cha Ji Wook (Sung Hoon) and his secretary is through the roof. Goblin and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon fans are going to love it!

3. The straitlaced mom character will never be the same thanks to Lee Yoo Mi's eccentric mother. Her first scene was hysterical, but her colorful past had jaws dropping everywhere. 

4. They are breaking K-drama records with a steamy love scene at the end of episode 1! This is almost unheard of in dramaland. We are lucky to get a kiss by episode 10! 

5. Cute Jung Hyun Tae (actor Kim Jae Young) is so lovable! He is already giving viewers the worst case of second lead syndrome! If Yoo Mi doesn't choose him, I'm sure plenty of K-drama fans would be dying to go out with him.

6. Lee Yoo Mi's co-workers are anything but shy about their crushes on their bosses. Although, they may be taking it to the extreme.

7. The Daebok company proudly sells their line of men's "smart" underwear. Your bestie is sold!

8. It's hilarious to see how a "former" player avoids the ladies. When a woman starts looking for him, he takes the coward's way out and runs!

9. The bromance beginnnings! Your bestie will love the chemistry between Ji Wook and his secretary. He even admits to his father that his secretary takes care of him like a wife would. 

10. Sung Hoon's perfect body! His underwear photo shoot is more than enough peak viewers interest (especially your bestie). 

Which reason would instantly turn your bestie into a My Secret Romance fangirl/fanboy? 

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My Secret Romance

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