Every SHaWol knows that Onew is a phenomenal vocalist. The Descendants of the Sun actor has delighted fans of SHINee for nearly eight years with his sweet and tender vocals. Of course, he knows how to project and make his voice just as powerful as any other singer, but he uses that secret weapon only when he wants too. Here are six songs where the 26 year-old heartthrob proves to the world that he has insane vocals.

1.  "Vanilla Love Part 2" with Lee Hyun Ji (2008)

I was beyond impressed with Onew's pronunciation of simple English phrases in this cute love song. His sweet vocals could melt any ShaWol's heart.

2. "One Year Later" with Jessica Jung (2009)

His first emotional duet outside of SHINee proved to be a memorable one. Despite one instance of his "Onew condition," he sang his heart out. This was amazing for a rookie in the industry.

3. "In Your Eyes" To The Beautiful You OST (2012)

His vocal range was incredible in this song about falling in love for the first time. Onew's voice was simply mesmerizing!

4. "Stand By Me" SHINee's single on Boys Over Flowers' OST (2009)

This is a live performance video of the song that introduced me to the band. If I had never heard "Stand By Me," I don't think I would be a SHINee fan today. Onew took the lead on this adorable upbeat track. His vocals were strong and fit the song perfectly.

5. "Replay" SHINee (2008)

This song is a no-brainier because it introduced SHINee to the world. Music lovers were given the opportunity to hear Onew's voice for the very first time.  

6. "Medusa" SHINee (2013) 

"Medusa" is one of those tracks where all the members had the opportunity to showcase their unique musical talents. The four members had to make up for Jonghyun's absence while he was recovering from his car accident. They worked hard, and Onew's voice is clear and absolutely beautiful in this one. 

Onew has delivered in the vocal department over the years? Which Onew song do you think showcased his amazing vocals the best?

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