Most fans never want their oppas to leave them, but the day comes when they finally decide to settle down with that special someone. Fans cry through another marathon while they bid farewell to their longtime crush. The gentlemen on this list are guys we never want to part with, but we feel in our hearts they are ready for matrimony. 

1. Rain

The My Lovable Girl actor's relationship with actress Kim Tae Hee is so serious we expect to hear wedding bells any day now. The 33 year-old superstar is the first person on everyone's mind to tie the knot next.

2. Daniel Henney

The 35 year-old hottie played the perfect man in the 2006 movie Seducing Mr. Perfect, so it is beyond shocking that no one has snatched him up yet! He is considered the ideal guy by many. Fans may not want to let him go, but the Runaway: Plan B actor with Michigan roots is family-oriented. It is only a matter of time before he settles down.

3. Jung Woo Sung

After having his heart broken following the end of his whirlwind romance with  Athena: Goddess of War co-star Lee Ji Ah, fans really want to see Jung finally get his happy ending. They have been waiting for the 42 year-old star and that special someone to make their big announcement since his debut in 1994.

4. Jo Kwon

Everyone loved him as Brown Eyed Girls member Gain's pretend husband on We Got Married. So, why not get married to the right person in real life! The 25 year-old singer is so lovable. Would you propose to the All My Love actor?

5. SS501's Park Jung Min

It is impossible not to love the adorable Fondant Garden actor. Triple S first fell for him in 2005 when he debuted with the hot boy band SS501. Today, he enlisted in the military, and you know men in uniforms are irresistible. The 28 year-old dreamboat was made to walk down the aisle.

6. Jo In Sung

Who wouldn't line up to marry the It's Okay, That's Love actor? Jo is one sexy 33 year-old star K-drama fans have been pining for since his acting debut in the series School 3. He has been showing off his handsome appearance as a model since 1998. 

7. Song Seung Hun

The When A Man Loves actor has been apart of the entertainment industry since 1995. After making hearts race in the 2003 K-drama Summer Scent, fans are dying to see which lady the 38 year-old heartthrob chooses to spend the rest of his life with. Will she be a fellow celebrity, business woman, or fan? 

Are there any other actors you feel are ready to settle down? 

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