Do you miss the good ole days of classic boy bands like New Edition, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC? SHINee's got your back!

K-Pop has filled a great void that the bands of yesteryear left after they disbanded. I know in recent years many groups have gotten back together for reunion tours and new albums, but they haven't quite recaptured the magic of the 1980s into the 1990s. SHINee is aiming to bring it all back with their new album release "1 of 1" this Wednesday, October 5. Since last week, the five veteran idols have been getting ShaWols excited for their new project with a series of sexy and colorful teaser images.

Let's take a look at several photos that will make your October.

1. Who isn't loving the intimate tracklist?

2. Nostalgia overload! This photo brings the fangirl out of everyone.

3. Which striking idol is your favorite GQ model? I could never choose! They are all so precious. 

4. Taemin has his eyes on you. I wonder what surprises SHINee has for us in this new project. 

5. Minho is way too cool for his group, but the other guys don't even seem to notice.

6. Does Onew miss his time on Descendants of The Sun? It looks like someone needs a season 2!

7. The Let's Drink star is clearly bored with this photo shoot. Like in his current drama, he needs housework to re-energize him!

8. The Because It's The First Time actor is ready for his close-up! This chic photo looks like the cover of a fashion magazine.

9. Jonghyun is all class in his sophisticated blue suit. 

10. Onew and Minho are just two buddies hanging out in the past. IU isn't the only idol time traveling these days.

11. Can Taemin be any sexier? He owns sex appeal just by his sultry expressions. 

12. Taemin seems like he really wants to know if you are ready for SHINee's return to K-Pop. They are back on Wednesday!

No one can wear retro attire better than SHINee. Which sexy comeback photo is your favorite?

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Photo Credits: SM Entertainment and SHINee Forums International


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