Johnny Lee Miller is a powerhouse! The talented 42-year-old star knew how to make his sweet and gentlemanly role of Mr.George Knightley in BBC's 2009 miniseries Emma come to life. Besides being the perfect gentleman, Miller is a pro at making any role his own. From the most complex characters to supernatural thrillers, he is the ultimate master of disguise.

Let's take a look at some of the productions he has starred in that are the complete opposite of Emma.

1. Elementary 

He is currently portraying the role of Sherlock Holmes in his successful American crime series Elementary. The show, which airs on CBS, co-stars Lucy Liu as his sober companion, Dr. Joan Watson. In the modern retelling of the 1887 classic tale, Holmes is a former Scotland Yard consultant and recovering drug addict. Watson treats him in his aftercare. He is dedicated to solving cases in the USA rather than his homeland of England because he feels the criminal cases here are more interesting. Elementary is a favorite among critics, and it has won awards from the Prism Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Seoul International Drama Awards, andGLAAD Media Awards just to name a few. 

2. Dexter

In 2010, he joined the cast of Dexter to play character Jordan Chase. He appeared in a total of 8 episodes during the hit series' fifth season. Chase is an author and motivational speaker and pretty much evil villain that Dexter eventually kills. His character was horrendous, but the series Dexter was a popular psychological thriller about man putting justice in his own hands that ended its 8-season run on Showtime in 2013.

3. National Theatre Live: Frankenstein

He shared the role of Creature and Frankenstein's creator Victor Frankenstein with fellow actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the live stage adaptation of the 1818 horror book classic. Lee brought author Mary Shelley's unorthodox scientific experiment to center stage when he took on the main roles. He won the Olivier Award and London Evening Standard Award for Best Actor alongside Cumberbatch. The stage production was broadcast live in theaters in England in 2011, and it returned for second and third encores in 2012 and last fall.

4. Eli Stone  

In the short-lived ABC comedy-drama series Eli Stone, Miller played Eli, a powerful lawyer whose high profile career is interrupted by his insightful hallucinations. There was nothing medically wrong with him, but a Chinese acupuncturist believes he is a prophet. The series lasted for two seasons before it was abruptly cancelled in 2009. 

5. Dead Man's Walk

This 1996 three-episode miniseries, which was the prequel to Lonesome Dove, was all about annexing Santa Fe, New Mexico. Two young men join the Texas Rangers unit to try to take over the area. Miller portrayed a young Texas Ranger named Woodrow Call. The cocky youngster and his fellow Ranger Gus McCrae (actor David Arquette) were in survival mode as they journeyed across the Old West and feared for their lives.

That is quite a list! Will you be watching this versatile actor return to his British roots in Emma

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