Rookie actors are one of the biggest highlights in K-dramas this year! Drama fans are able to enjoy the stories they love and witness a star being born. New actors are scoring supporting and leading roles, poised to take over the industry one day. Let's meet some of these promising actors now.

1. Jang Dong Yoon (25)

Jang made his acting debut in the 2016 JTBC series Solomon's Perjury. Audiences were introduced to his leading man skills in School 2017 and the KBS Drama Special: If We Were a Season a year later. We are now enjoying his comedic side in A Poem a Day.

2. Seo Ji Hoon (20)

Seo wowed us by taking a starring role in Longing Heart and continuing his acting expertise by portraying a young version of Ha Myung Woo in Misty. Both of his roles required him to play a younger version of an older character, and he nailed them! In 2016, he debuted in the last episode of Signal and the KBS Drama Special: The Legendary Lackey.

3. Heo Yool (8)

Audiences were formally introduced to this little girl's natural acting ability in Call Me Mother. She made everyone emotional with her portrayal of Kim Hye Na, and many are anxiously awaiting her sophomore project.

4. Kim Yeon Seo (21)

She is the lovely heiress, Soo Jung, who falls in love at first sight with Oh Soo in Evergreen. Kim made her grand entrance into the acting world last year in the film New Trial and the Netflix series My Only Love Song.

5. Ahn Seung Kyoon (24)

After making his debut in the 2016 film Queen of Walking and JTBC series Solomon's Perjury, he decided to join IU's team in My Mister as her partner in crime, Song Ki Bum. You may also remember seeing him last year as apart of the Andante and School 2017 casts.

6. Son Seok Goo (35)

He landed the supporting role of Seol Ak in Call Me Mother. He is taking his time getting acquainted with the acting genre with his previous roles in Netflix's Sense8 last year and films Black Stone (2015) and Scarlet Innocence (2014).

7. Shin Kang Woo (25)

Following a movie extra role in the 2012 MBC series Rascal Sons, he made his debut in the action comedy film Chasing. Thankfully, he returned to TV this year to portray character Park Sung Jae in Misty.

8. Kim Jung Hyun (28)

In 2016, the hit drama Jealousy Incarnate and the films Overman and Going My Home introduced him to viewers, but it wasn't until he took the leading roles in School 2017 and Go Go Waikiki that everyone fell for his acting charms.

9. Go Min Si (23)

Last year, she debuted in the historical remake My Sassy Girl, and has been busy ever since! K-dramas Age of Youth Season 2 (2017), Melo Holic (2017), Go Go Waikiki and Live are some of the projects she has been apart of since drama number one.

10. Kwon Na Ra (27)

After cameo appearances in a few dramas, the Hello Venus member finally made her official acting debut in Love In Trouble last year, and now she plays the supporting role of Choi Yoo Ra in My Mister.

Which acting freshman are you rooting for this year?

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