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Our K-dramas would not be the same without those iconic songs that make scenes come alive.This year was no different. After a long list of hot tracks, we are ready to hear more remarkable singles from brand new artists. Let's take a look at 5 idols, who made their debut this year, we are dying to hear on our next K-drama soundtrack (aka OST). 

1. K.A.R.D 

Co-ed groups are a rare find in the K-Pop genre these days, and these four talented singers prove they are just what the industry was missing. Their debut EP Hola Hola ranked number 2 on Korea's Gaon Album chart, while the single (which shares the same name) hit the number 4 spot on Billboard's World Album chart. Not to mention, they released singles, music videos and toured the globe before making their debut last month. I think they are long overdue for a string of hot OST tracks! Check out their Korean and English tracks.


The former Pledis Girlz are not taking any chances when it comes to their future in the K-Pop industry. According to their debut song "Wee Woo", they even used magic to ensure their fandom's love. Over eighteen million viewers flocked to the song's music video since their March debut. I'm guessing they are leaning more towards fantasy or thriller drama soundtracks. 

3. MVP

Their debut track "Take It" (from their first album MANIFEST) was tailor-made for an action series. For their March debut, the young guys of this boy group teamed up with American based production company SubKulture Entertainment to make a global impact in the music industry. I'd say they are ready to contribute to not only K-dramas, but blockbuster Hollywood film OSTs as well. 

4. Wanna One

In 2016, Produce 101 introduced us to IOI, but this year it's all about Wanna One! The second season of the singing competition series brought us the delightful vocals of 11 male singers. Their first EP 1×1=1 (To Be One) dropped in stores on August 7. They were formed from a TV program, so it only seems fair that they grace our K-dramas with their music for the remainder of the year.

5. Dream Catcher

After starting out in the music industry under the name Minx in 2014, members JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami recruited Handong and Gahyeon to join their group and debuted under the name Dream Catcher in January.  It seems like the ladies are already setting their sights on horror flicks by the dark nature of their music video for "Fly High". That song was part of their Prequel EP that hit stores on July 27 and ranked number 4 on South Korea's Gaon Album chart. 

Which K-Pop group do you want to hear on your next K-drama's soundtrack?

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