With dating rumors swirling left & right, it was L from Infinite's turn to be linked (supposedly) with "Chocolate Girl" Kim Do Yeon, who was featured on an episode of "Martian Virus."

The rumor started when some people pointed out that a tweet of Kim Do Yeon's was supposedly hiding a message for L in the first characters of each line.

The tweet translates to:

"Are you seeing this, you, who is no longer a dwarf! I may be insignificant but I'll always be by your side, unchanging. Although you, who is innocent and doesn't like parties or clubs, make me explain when I go and come back from one and get jealous when I hang out with other friends, let's stay together until the end of our lives. Let's not fight like yesterday. I love you."

Netizens have noticed that the first characters of each line read out "L 보고파 명수야" which translates to "L look at this Myungsoo" (L's real name)

.ㅓ 보고있나 더 이상 난쟁이 아닌 애!

잘 것 없어져도 언제나 네 옆에 있어 줄거

난 변하지 않을거니까 항상 순수한 너라

티나 클럽 같은 데 싫어해서 갔다오면 해

시키고 다른 친구랑 놀면 질투도 하지만

명이 다 할 때까진 쭉 우린 이어져 있을거

. 어제처럼 다신 싸우지 말자. 사랑해

What do you guys think? Do you think we have another idol in a relationship or is this just a silly rumor?

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