This week, My Sassy Girl exploded onto the K-drama scene with action, laughs and a little love. Stars Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo light up the screen portraying characters who are polar opposites that are destined to be together. Supporting stars Lee Jung Shin and Kim Yoon Hye didn't have much screen time this week, but we can tell a mile away that they are going to be major obstacles in our main couple's relationship.

I think the series is off to a stellar start, but how does it surpass the 2001 movie? I have found 10 moments in the first two episodes that already promise that this version will be much more entertaining. 

1. My Sassy Girl is set in a glamorous historical period. We all get a little streak of jealousy when we see the gorgeous clothes and hairstyles everyone has in this elegant moment in time. Every scene is an exquisite portrait come to life. 

2. The high-flying action scenes are certain to keep you coming back for more. At the very beginning, warriors were fighting against royalty when they deposed of the queen under false pretenses. The action alone should hook you. Maybe the sassy princess will get her very own high-flying fight scene too! We can only hope.

3. Gyeon Woo (Joo Won) had idol status overseas, especially in China's Qing Dynasty. Women were fighting over his portraits, had his image painted on their umbrellas and chasing him down the street! I think that takes crushing on your teacher to the next level.

4. His precious gift from China's emperor is sure to steal your heart. I wonder how many scenes his fluffy little friend will be apart of as the series progresses.

5. Gyeon Woo may be a scholar. but he's secretly a playboy that needs to be tamed. After he returned home from his 3 year overseas trip, he bragged to his fellow Joseon buddies about his version of living the good life. He can't meet his sassy princess soon enough!

6. Of course, our couple got off to a rocky start. He met his nation's princess when she was drunk, and she accidentally threw up on herself and him. When he took her to a hotel to clean his clothes and ribbon on her hanbok, the war began. Princess Hyemyeong (Oh Yeon Seo) is one tough royal! She thought Gyeon Woo was trying to take advantage of her, and she fought back. Royal bodyguard not needed.

7. CNBlue is apart of the cast! Officer Kang Joon Young's (CNBlue's Jung Shin) first scenes may have resembled a cameo, but we know there is so much in store for him. In his first scene, he acted more like royalty than the princess by placing her slipper back on her foot and giving her that Cinderella moment.

8. The bromance between two supporting characters unexpected heated up by episode 2. Gyeon Woo walked in on these two having an intimate moment while on his search for the princess. Who are these guys? What was their relationship prior to this scene? Those questions will definitely be answered in latter episodes. Right now, we are left to wonder.

9. Gyeon Woo's sister takes the pushy mother-in-law role by playing matchmaker for her older brother. She tells Jung Da Yeon (Kim Yoon Hye) her brother isn't in a relationship with anyone, but she would love to become in-laws with her. That's a little too presumptuous on her part, however, I can't wait to see her go head to head with the sassy princess. 

10. The princess might be brazen at times, but the ridiculous rumors about her make you laugh out loud. From her lewd debauchery to being incredibly spoiled, Princess Hyemyeong is the complete opposite with her focus on loving her family and standing up for justice. She may drink, however, the royal doesn't support the nonsense the rumors are spewing. 

This summer is going to be awesome! Which scene in the first two episodes made you believe this version of My Sassy Girl is much better that the original?  

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