Having enlisted on May 12th, it's been a little over the month since Lee Min Ho said goodbye-for-now to his legion of fans. But due to special circumstances, he was exempt from enrolling in active duty, and instead is now working as a public service conductor. Needless to say, his most loyal followers have been waiting patiently a sighting, and some of the photos they've taken of the 29-year-old superstar have recently appeared online, and they're right here on Dramafever for your viewing pleasure.

Due to injuries he sustained in a widely-publicized fatal car accident in 2006, Lee Min Ho was given administrative work in the military, and not required to enroll in active duty. As a public service conductor, the actor fulfills his duties at the Gangnam District office in Seoul. Because of this, for any of his hardcore fans, catching even a glimpse of the heartthrob is a lot easier than the other stars who are on active duty. It is said that patience is a virtue, and for the most loyal of his admirers, that really became the case, as Public Service Conductor Lee was snapped on a number of occasions as he headed out to serve the people of Korea. The mask that he's wearing doesn't seem to be doing much in terms of disguise, if that's what he's going for.

On a side note, a the first installment of documentary project the actor had been working on before enlisting just aired on Monday in Korea, titled DMZ, the Wild. This three-part documentary explores the wildlife that flourishes around the South Demilitarized Zone. Not only did Lee Min Ho narrate, he actually participated in the filming, camping out in freezing weather for hours while reporting on and raising awareness for endangered species. 

It will almost be two months since one of Korea's biggest stars started serving in the military, but for now, it's like he never left.




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