K-dramas wouldn't be the same without those special heartthrobs. This summer, viewers have so many hot leading men to watch that it's incredibly hard to choose just one TV drama to watch. Here is a list of some of the handsome leading men you can look forward to seeing every week who are guaranteed to heat up your summer!

1. Kim Rae Won (Doctor Crush)

The longtime K-drama heartthrob has returned to the small screen to make our hearts race yet again as Dr. Hong Ji Hong. Who wouldn't be on time for their appointments to meet Dr. Dreamy?

2. Yoon Kyoon Sang (Doctor Crush)

He toyed with our emotions as Ha Ji Won's persuasive ex-boyfriend Seung Hee in The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days. Once again, he will proves he's a force to be reckoned with as Jung Yoon Do in his new medical series. 

3. Ji Soo (Doctor Crush)

This star is still fairly new to K-dramas, but Ji Soo has quickly become a heartthrob that viewers adore! He takes on the role of bad boy Soo Chul in Doctor Crush. I think he looks so much like iKON's Bobby. 

4. Seo In Guk (Squad 38)

If you love his incredible singing, you have to give this hunky superstar's acting a chance too! His acting in Answer Me 1997 helped make the show a global sensation. He takes on the leading role of Yang Jung Do in his new crime show. Do you think he will make Squad 38 as successful as the Answer Me series? 

5. Heo Jae Ho (Squad 38)

Heo has been a K-drama staple for a few years now. When you finish watching this cutie play Jang Hak Joo in his new series, you can marathon past dramas he was featured in like Full House Take 2, Emergency Couple and My Unfortunate Boyfriend.

6. Lee Hak Joo (Squad 38)

This handsome actor made his debut in dramaland last year by playing the younger version of character Choi Jae Ho in My Love Eun Dong. After taking on Oh My Ghostess a short time later, he decided to focus on the Squad 38 crime series for 2016. What do you think of his new character Ahn Chang Ho?

7.  Taecyeon (Let's Fight Ghost premieres on July 11)

Who hasn't had a crush on the 2PM member since his debut in 2008? Taec has heated up every summer with his warm smile and sexy body. This summer, he will make viewers turn the AC up a little higher with his new role as Park Bong Pal in Let's Fight Ghost.

8. Kwon Yool (Let's Fight Ghost)

You may remember him in many roles under the name Kwon Se In before this cutie changed his stage name to Kwon Yool in 2012. He is playing the second male lead named Joo Hye Sung in the chilling supernatural series. Will he join forces with the stars to send spirits to the next life?

9. Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably Fond premieres tomorrow, July 6)

The model-turned-actor has conquered the small and silver screens with his bad boy acting in recent years. You loved him in HeirsThe Technicians, School 2013 and more. Now you have the opportunity to watch him transform in sexy idol Shin Joon Young for his new romantic comedy.

10. Uhm Tae Woong (Wanted)

This timeless heartthrob has been making hearts race since his debut in 1998. With a truckload of productions under his belt, he returns to fans as Shin Dong Wook in the action-packed SBS series.

11. Ji Hyun Woo (Wanted)

He takes on the role of Cha Seung In for his new action series Wanted. Over the years, I have seen Ji in a few roles, and he always reminds me of Rain for some reason. Maybe they both share that innate sex appeal. 

These are just some of the guys that will be heating up the small screen this summer. You have to tune in every week to get a glimpse of all the hearthrobs making appearances this season. From this list alone, which K-drama will you start watching first?


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