Every time we turn around another celebrity is getting hitched. However, there are some stars who enjoy their alone time. Marriage is a great idea, but some A-list actors/actresses either haven't met the right person or have no interest in it at all. Let's take a look at stars who are enjoying life just the way they are.

1. Choi Ji Woo (42)

The Twenty Again actress has kept her personal life out of the public eye after her relationship with Lee Jin Wook ended in 2011. Nonetheless, that past heartbreak hasn't stopped her from being the fabulous Hallyu star we know and love. 

2. Ha Ji Won (38)

2PM's Taecyeon has been crushing on for years, and I'm sure her fans around the world understand his struggle. However, the As One star is in no rush to settle down because her awesome acting career fills up her days. 

3. Song Ji Hyo (35)

The My Wife's Having an Affair This Week star is too busy living life to be depressed about not settling down. She even boasted in an interview that she was living a fun life, but if the right person came along she would consider marriage.

4. Oh Yoon Ah (36)

Following her divorce in 2015, the now single mom isn't letting anything get her down. Her career is on fire! Who can forget her amazing portrayal of villain Whieumdang in Saimdang: Light's Diary (Herstory)?

5. Lee Seung Gi (30)

After his high-profile relationship with Yoon Ah ended in 2015, the Love Forecast star decided to embrace his new single life in the military. He enlisted last winter and is scheduled to be discharged this October. 

6. Song Seung Hun (40)

The self-proclaimed shy guy may be currently in a relationship with the lovely Liu Yi Fei, but he has yet to pop the question. Of course, he's expressed in recent interviews that he was jealous of his married friends and their fatherhood. I wonder if his Saimdang: Light's Diary co-star Lee Young Ae raved about her family life too.

7. Lee Seo Jin (46)

The Marriage Contract actor is basking in bachelorhood despite being swept up in dating rumors with Choi Ji Woo last year. He ignores the rumors and happily continues living life.

8. Gong Hyo Jin (37)

The Jealousy Incarnate actress has no problem dating celebrities like Ryu Seung Bum and Lee Jin Wook, but for the most part she keeps her private life to herself. It seems the sexy actress is very comfortable in her own skin.  

9. So Ji Sub (39)

The Oh My Venus star is completely fulfilled in his career as an actor and rapper, and he shows no signs of slowing down. However, he does hope to wed eventually. Last year, So admitted he would marry if he met the right person.

10. Yoon Eun Hye (32)

From idol star to acting, the Little Black Dress actress is living the good life. However, she has expressed in previous interviews that she desired to marry early. Yoon might surprise us and tie the knot any time!

11. Gong Yoo (38)

He instantly became everyone's dream man after playing the beloved Goblin this past winter. In real life, Gong is a very private person who tries to avoid dating rumors as much as possible. When it's time for him to settle down, he will no doubt tell his fandom before anyone else.

Which celebrity is setting life goals for you? Who would you add to this list? 


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