It's the week after Valentine's Day, and many of us our scratching our heads wondering why it's always the same year after year. Alone time with your favorite junk food is a yearly tradition. Being single is something to celebrate, but sometimes you just want someone to wine and dine you on those special days. This time of year, the sexy love stories in your favorite K-dramas seem to amplify the void in your life. What we would't give to be the center of attention on-screen?

Let's revisit seven K-dramas that make us wish we could trade places with the main stars. 

1. I Need Romance 3 

Shin Joo Yeon makes everyone jealous by becoming the object of Joo Wan's affection.The childhood friend/younger guy can't help doing everything in his power to make Joo Yeon swoon. Not to mention, her peer Kang Tae Yoon is a sexy companion too. 


I Need Romance 3

Starring Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon

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2. My Love Eun Dong 

In proper K-drama fshion, Ji Eun Ho has been in love with Ji Eun Dong for years. His affection has grown for 20 years despite circumstances that separated them. It's touching to see puppy love transform into mature love as time flies by. 


My Love Eun Dong

Starring Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang

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3. Oh My Ghostess

When Na Bong Sun needed help in the romance department, a seductive ghost took over her body and transformed her entire love life. Would she have had a chance with Kang Sun Woo without Shin Soon Ae's help? The feisty ghost encouraged Bong Sun to go after what she wanted in life (career and jobwise). 


Oh My Ghostess

Starring Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk

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4. Discovery of Romance

What we all wouldn't give to have Han Yeo Reum's dilemma of staying with her loving boyfriend or going back to her rich, charming ex. Her choices seem too good to be true because she is surrounded by men who adore her. 


Discovery of Romance

Starring Jung Yoo Mi and Eric Moon

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5. The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

Jang Ha Na and Choi Won's relationship has been purely platonic for around two decades after he rejected her confession. Little did she know, he harbored feelings for her too. It's sweet to see their longtime affection for each other finally manifest itself as the series progresses.


The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

Starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook

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6. Cheese in the Trap

Hong Seol seemed to have all the luck. She had a rich guy, boy-next-door and an obsessed college peer all in love with her. No one was jealous of the latter, but the fact that Hong Seol had all these guys falling for her was kind of unnerving. If only this would happen to all of us in real life.


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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7. Never Die

Min Se Yeon immortal curse turns into a blessing when she happens upon a lifetime with her soulmate. Se Yeon saves Lee Jung Hoon's life one day and the pair embark on a relationship that proves true love runs much deeper than appearance.

Is there another K-drama's romance you have been coveting over the years?  

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