Are you in love with Fight My Way?

Last week, DramaFever premiered all the episodes of this charming romantic comedy, and we have been marathoning it ever since. Dongman (Park Seo Joon) and Choi Ae Ra's (Kim Ji Won) long journey from platonic friendship to love was a rocky one, but the ride was so worth it! Dongman had many heart fluttering moments in the series, it's hard to differentiate between the sweet scenes and sexy ones.

If you haven't started binge watching Fight My Way yet, here are 7 of his sexiest moments in the series to get you started.

1. Dongman asked out a lady in the coolest way possible. If you're an athlete, there is nothing sexier than throwing your sports uniform into the crowd, showing off a designer shirt and asking out the one you like. His confidence was key.

2. Protecting the ladies is always admirable. When he stood up for his bestie Ae Ra and fought the bad guy, we couldn't help but swoon. 

3. He delivered proper fan service early on in the series, and viewers everywhere rejoiced. I think everyone agreed that episode 3 was a little brighter when Dongman flaunted his perfect physique.

4. You could tell Dongman already fell for Ae Ra when his jealousy started to kick in. Her new boyfriend (and one of his old classmates) almost made him confess his true feelings for her. He explicitly told her he didn't like her dating the doctor and stood his ground. 

5.  The second waist hug he gave his female bestie made everyone hold their breath. His approach was sexy in a shy boy kind of way, but waiting for her response made us all shudder. 

6. When it was time for his first official fight, viewers were in awe as soon as Dongman took his shirt off. Like we saw in photo number 4, his workout routine definitely paid off.

7. We literally didn't know what to think when he accidentally woke up in bed with his female frieng one morning! Our hearts were racing, and we were just as clueless as Dongman and Ae Ra! Thankfully, episode 10 explained the whole night in detail to us. 

Which sexy moments in the latter episodes of Fight My Way would you add to this list?

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