It's been 11 years since Ha Suk Jin made his acting debut in the MBC series Sad Love Story. Now in his thirties, the One Percent of Something star shows no signs of slowing down. Ha Suk Jin just seems to get sexier and sexier with each passing year. Following your Ha K-drama pop quiz, I have found 8 images that proves he is even hotter than your idol bias.

1. He is looking suave and sophisticated with his sexy stare. 

2. The runway was made for him! This has couple outfit written all over it. 

3. Do you want oppa to give you a hug? 

4. The 34 year-old actor is dashing in his blue suit and red turtleneck. 

5. Ha Suk Jin's break time is always sexy. 

6. It's official! He's perfect, and this shirtless image proves it. 

7.  Do you want to come home to this scene everyday?  Doing household chores for him would be so easy. 

8. I'd say new generation flower boys like Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo have some stiff competition. Clearly, he should win an underwear model of the year award!

Which sexy Ha Suk Jin image do you want as your smartphone/computer wallpaper?

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