Fall in love with Jo Jung Suk! Before Jo's character Kang Sun Woo gets seduced by the ghost of Shin Soon Ae (actress Kim Seul Gi) in Oh My Ghostess this week, I wanted to give you a glimpse of the sexy side of the beloved actor. The ghost and fellow chef Na Bong Sun (actress Park Bo Young) both have crushes on the handsome chef in the series, but what makes Jo sexy in real life?

1.His alluring gaze entrances fans around the world. You cannot escape his mesmerizing eyes.

2. He makes kicking back and relaxing look incredibly hot. How does he do it? 

3. A glimpse of his perfectly sculpted arms is all we can handle for one photo. Fans may faint if he showed us more.

4. Who isn't captured by a great smile? Jo has one of the best smiles in the business! 

5. He loves to tease! Check out this tantalizing shirtless photo.

Which sexy photo made you swoon? 

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