Taecyeon is one hot exorcist in Let’s Fight Ghost! The 27-year-old idol has been making 2PM's fandom Hottests' hearts race since his debut in 2008, and K-drama viewers will be given one more chance to see his sexiness before his military enlistment next year. If you haven't decided if you want to see Taec take on the Park Bong Pal role yet, I have provided seven photos that will instantly turn you into a Let's Fight Ghost fangirl. 

1. A glimpse of his perfectly chiseled arms can make any K-drama fan's day. 

2. Who says guys can't rock low v-neck shirts? Not me! Taecyeon looks smoldering in anything he wears. 

3. I think this sexy photo proves my point! Does your significant other look this great in a t-shirt and jeans? 

4. Ghosts can never beat him, because he is always a part of the wining team! 

5. If a South Korean version of The Bachelor ever premieres, Taecyeon should be cast as the first one! He already has the classic rose for the lady of his dreams. 

6. His former We Got Married wife Gui Gui was one lucky girl. Who wouldn't want to be his on-screen spouse? 

7. Yes, his back is just as sexy! If he isn't a life-size Ken doll, I don't know who is!

You can watch this sexy Hallyu star battle ghosts every week on Let's Fight Ghost! What did you think of the new supernatural series' premiere? 


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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