Perfect Proposal is a must see!

This 2015 film is a rare gem with just the right mix of mystery, action, and romance. At first glance, you assume Perfect Proposal will be your typical romance filled with steamy love scenes, and guys fighting over one girl. That is far from the truth! The shocking murder mid-movie rocks everyone's world.

Yoo Yun Suk's character, Sung Yeol, in particular seems to be the ideal perfect man. He has looks, money and is full of wonderful promises for the future. However, he has a dark side that reveals itself as the film progresses.

Today, I listed 7 Yoo Yun Suk moments in Perfect Proposal that you have to see to believe.

1. Sung Yeol's gift to Ji Yeon (Im Soo Jung) during her job interviews will leave you flabbergasted. What is that large sum of money for exactly?

2. He transformed into the ideal Prince Charming for just a moment during their fairy-tale dance. No one could have predicted the abrupt ending.

3. Sung Yeol appeared to be the perfect gentleman when he fished a lady's hat out of the water. His body was picture perfect, but his mind was something else.

4.What propelled Sung Yeol to hit on his new stepmom on her wedding day? His father would be furious!

5. Sung Yeol had no problem turning on Ji Yeon when she was suspected of murder. Yesterday's make out session must have slipped his mind.

6. After his father's death, he went on a rampage! However, his villain transformation had nothing to do with being in mourning.

7. Rejection doesn't get any colder than Sung Yeol's response to Ji Yeon's question about his feelings for her. I guess he didn't like her. Or is this another twist?

Perfect Proposal promises to leave you speechless. Which scene in the film took you by surprise?


Perfect Proposal

Starring Im Soo Jung and Yoo Yun Suk

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