K-dramas are big investments! You may have no problem watching your TV crushes hour after hour every week, but it will probably take your family members quite a while to warm up to K-dramas. So give them the gift of short series this holiday season! Once they get a taste of the five addictive shows on this list, it won't be long before they are begging for more.

1. Puck!

Lee Kwang Soo gave the performance of a lifetime as the enforcer of a deadly gang boss. Lee's character joins a hockey team to keep an eye on the coach who owes money, but he accidentally forms a strong bond between himself and the team. This tough action mini series also stars Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds heartthrob Kwak Dong Yeon

2. Page Turner

Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo set friendship goals so high with this emotional drama about overcoming life's debilitating setbacks.  Following a tragic accident, Yoo Seul (Kim) loses her eyesight and has to rely on her new male assistant Jung Cha Sik (Ji Soo) to help her in school. The two learn to trust each other completely as they begin to go though life together. A great series about humanity at its finest!

3. Touching You

Taceyeon and Song Ha Yoon are couple of the year in this riveting short series! After having a dark vision, Taceyeon's character is in the race against time as he tries to discover who is plotting to kill his new crush. However, the more time he spends with her the more confusing circumstances become. 


Touching You

Starring Ok Taec Yeon and Song Ha Yoon

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4. Noble, My Love

Stars Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung put a unqiue twist on the classic Cinderella story. After a kind-hearted veterinarian saved his life, he is set on rewarding her by lavishing her with an expensive gift. She respectfully declines, but she learns along the way it is almost impossible to say no to him. 


Noble, My Love

Starring Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung

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5. Choco Bank

If you and the family are really running short on time, enjoy the six episode gem Kai and Park Eun Bin starred in early this year. Make sure you have your chocolate candy handy as you watch the sugary sweet love story unfold between an unemployed college grad and a candy store owner. This lighthearted show will surely bring a smile to your face. 


Choco Bank

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Park Eun Bin

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Happy Holidays! Which short series are you planning to watch with your loved ones?

Shelly M is an author and blogger. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.com