There's always a special place in our hearts for our favorite celebrities. We may not know them personally, but these special people bring us so much joy through their acting and singing. We secretly want them to live forever, but a few unfortunately pass away at a young age. True fans never stop loving them and honor their memory for decades through cherishing their classic productions.

Let's take a look at several shows that immortalized the late stars we'll treasure forever.

1. I AM - Kim Jonghyun (died December 18, 2017 at age 27)

SM Entertainment's top bands gave fans a glimpse into lives behind the scenes during their label tour. Kim Jonghyun was one of the very important artists in the film. The documentary featured him as the main vocalist of SHINee and a beloved member of their musical family.

2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal - Jeon Tae Soo ( died January 21, 2018 at age 33)


Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Starring Park Yoo Chun and Park Min Young

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Higher education is for everyone in this historical rom-com about a woman who disguises herself as a man to attend the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University. Ha Ji Won's brother, Jeon Tae Soo, played the strait-laced class president.

3. Lovers in Prague - Kim Joo Hyuk (October 30, 2017 at age 45)


Lovers in Prague

Starring Jun Do Yeon and Kim Joo Hyuk

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Love accidentally forms between two heartbroken South Koreans in Prague. After both of their partners dump them, a detective and the president's daughter meet and start a friendship that turns into something more. Kim Joo Hyuk was the heartbroken detective who couldn't get over his girlfriend.

4. Story of a Man - Park Yong Ha (died June 30, 2010 at age 32)


Story of a Man

Starring Park Yong Ha and Park Si Yeon

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Losing wealth, a family member and a lover are just some of the problems one heir faces when his life falls apart. After landing in jail for a crime he didn't commit, he joins forces with an unlikely ally to make sure justice prevails for his family. Park Yong Ha portrayed the guy who lost it all and was wrongfully convicted.

5. Boys Over Flowers - Jang Ja Yun (died March 7, 2009 at age 29)


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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This was a whole different take on the classic Cinderella story as a poor young girl is wooed by two rich classmates and forms a lasting friendship with their friends. However, a truckload of obstacles hinder the heroine's journey to a happy ending. Jang's character was part of the trio of mean girls who heckled Geum Jan Di in high school.

6. Coffee Prince - Lee Un (died August 21, 2008 at age 27)


Coffee Prince

Starring Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Sun Gyun

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Sparks fly as a restaurant owner and waiter fall in love while pretending to be a couple. This gender-bender won awards for being a K-drama trailblazer in 2007. Lee Un played the role of a clueless yet kind-hearted waiter who was hopelessly devoted to an aspiring female singer.

7. He Was Cool - Jung Da Bin (died February 10, 2007 at age 26)


He Was Cool

Starring Song Seung Hun and Jung Da Bin

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Opposites attract as a high school bully and an awkward school girl reluctantly start dating after an accidental first kiss. Once the girl discovers the bully's big secret, her heart softens toward him. Jung Da Bin portrayed the awkward school girl with a passion for justice.

8. Phoenix - Lee Eun Joo (died February 22, 2005 at age 24)

Following a miscarriage and divorce, one couple's future seems to be over forever. However, fate had other plans when the pair, who are in drastically different social statuses in life, are joined together once more. Lee Eun Joo played a CEO's daughter turned blue-collar worker, who eventually found success in another career.

Which star will always shine brightky in your eyes?

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