On May 26, Something in the Rain (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food premieres on DramaFever, and we're so excited! Stars Jung Hae In and Son Ye JIn seem to have the sizzling chemistry fantasies are made of. Since these two are a match made in K-drama heaven, we are dying to see even more work from the talented pair. Let's check out some of the hottest shows they played in before we started shipping them together.

1. Three Musketeers

History buffs will love the Korean historical take on Alexandre Dumas' 1844 novel of the same name. During their journey to China, three nomadic warriors accidentally run into the Joseon Dynasty's Crown Prince. They have to work as a team to protect royalty. Jung Hae In portrays musketeeter, An Min Seo (inspired by the classic character Aramis).


Three Musketeers

Starring Lee Jin Wook and Jung Yong Hwa

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2. Blood

Love blossoms for an undercover vampire and a lovely surgeon. As they both work in a Korea's top oncological center, the bloodsucker's secret becomes harder to hide. Jung plays the vampire's friend, Hyun Woo.

3. Bride of the Century

When a bride disappears right before the wedding, the groom's wealthy family blames an ancient curse and has her lookalike (a country girl) wed him instead. Who knew a rich guy and his blind date wife could actually fall in love? Jung was the rich guy's younger brother, Choi Jang Jo, and a member of the pretend idol group Monster.


Bride of the Century

Starring Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung

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4. Spellbound

Horror takes center-stage is this supernatural film about a magician falling in love with a woman who can see ghosts. Rom-com moments are also sprinkled into their spooky romance. Son Ye Jin plays the woman with a sixth sense that is ruining her life.

5. My Wife Got Married

Can someone truly love two spouses? A innocent guy marries the sexy woman of his dreams to ward off her potential suitors. When she desires a second marriage for herself one day, their happy home is turned upside down. Son accepted the role of the unsatisfied wife, Joo In Ah, who is always looking for more.


My Wife Got Married

Starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk

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6. Open City

Crime links two people's lives together in the most unlikely way. After a gang leader and her bodyguard are deported to their home country, she embarks on a clean life as an honest businesswoman. She eventually returns to a life of crime only to accidentally be saved by a detective. Son plays the gang leader named Baek Jang Mi who never learns her lesson.

While you wait for Something in the Rain to premiere, which show will you start watching first?


Something in the Rain

Starring Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In

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