The Bride of the Water God ended its run two weeks ago and left so many questions unanswered. From Habaek's future powers in the human realm to the gods' extensive backstory, I honestly want to know much more. So, I have narrowed it down to five things I would love to see in a possible spin-off. 

1. The next water god should showcase all of his supernatural powers in the human realm. 

Habaek's lack of powers ruined the series for me. He was too average! I enjoyed the water bubble scenes, but there wasn't nearly enough of them. A god should retain all his powers no matter what world he lands in. 

2. Jo Yeom Mi deserves a defined role.

Who doesn't want to learn more about her backstory? Her character has been fascinating since episode one! If we could see more of her early years and supernatural talent, we would be satisfied. 

3. The water god's bride needs to obtain immortality like him.

I want the happily ever after to literally last forever. Since it's a fantasy series, I think it is only right for her to become an immortal goddess to stay by her god. There should be some magical potion to make it happen. 

4. The water god must give his bride a tour of his realm (water country).

So Ah's was Habaek's tour guide in the human world, and she even supplied his room and board. He had a gorgeous palace with plenty of servants in water country. It's only fair that he show his lover his luxurious world. 

5. A more defined back story to ease into the present-day. 

The Bride of the Water God was confusing at times because of the numerous flashbacks! I feel a spin-off with a few episodes devoted to history (in the beginning of the series) would help viewers comprehend everything perfectly as the series progresses.

So far, there hasn't been any official announcement for a second season of the water god. Just for fun, what changes would you make if The Bride of the Water God was given a spin-off? 

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