Now that the holidays are upon us, it means K-drama marathons are on the horizon. Family time will have stiff competition against your television favorites. This year, we have adored classics like Boys Over Flowers and a host of newbies namely Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, Cheese In The TrapThe K2, Doctor Romantic and Cinderella and Four Knights. I'd say the leading men had great influence over our drama choices. I'll even go as far to say that many of us started failing in love with the male stars.

To validate this, here are seven signs that prove you are in love with your K-drama's leading man.

1. The days between each episode seem like an eternity! How long are you suppose to wait to spend quality time with your bae?

2. You start planning your future together. Your next 3 months are booked, because you will be spending it watching him every week. 

3. Your heart races during those extended scenes where he has plenty of close ups and shirtless moments.

4. You get extremely jealous of love scenes between him and his leading lady. Even if it's just a simple kiss scene!

5. From the first episode of a medical series, you immediately want to make him your primary care physician. 

6. Historicals set your relationship goals. Your sexiest fantasy is traveling back in time to marry the K-drama prince of your dreams. 

7. Your hard earned savings were meant to be used for your trip to South Korea. It's clearly your fate to meet your celebrity soulmate!

What additional signs would you add to this list that confirm you have fallen head over heels for a K-drama leading man? 

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Jealousy Incarnate

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