Who was the lucky guy that sang a famous American love song to Song Ji Hyo? Although the lovely Korean actress seems more interested in staying single according to a recent interview despite her on-screen chemistry with Kim Jong Kook in Running Man, she did date a handsome actor once. Let's find out more!

Song Ji Hyo and the very charming and charismatic Chen Bo Lin (In Time With You) were paired in a masterful stroke of genius by the popular Chinese dating show, We Are In Love. The international couple's extreme chemistry not only bridged cultural and language differences, but also left unforgettable and sizzling moments that still excite fans watching their most romantic journey.

1. Let's jump right to the moment when Chen Bo Lin sings "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" for Song Ji Hyo. (Can you match that, Kim Jong Kook?)

They are comfortable in each other's home city!

2. On the streets of Seoul:

3. On the streets of Taipei:

4. In a sexy photo shoot:

5. Such an adorable piggyback ride on the beaches of Bali!

No wonder fans are still hoping for a possible romantic future for these two. Never say never, right?

We Are In Love is very different from regular reality shows. Aside from pairing celebrities who didn't know each other before the show, it also pairs regular non-celebrity couples. And, of course, there are many more surprising moments between Chen Bo Lin and Song Ji Hyo that you don't want to miss!


We Are In Love: Season 2 - 我们相爱吧

Starring Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bo Lin

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I've been watching We Are In Love while writing this article. It's really a cute show. Give it a try!

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