If you haven't fallen for the cute boys of School 2015, you will after reading this article! The newest KBS teen series stars the best eye candy in model Nam Joo Hyuk and BtoB member Sung Jae. The two are taking on leading roles where they get to woo actress Kim So Hyun. Who will win her heart? Only the episodes will tell! 

In the meantime, check out ten sizzling photos of the two male stars below and decide which one has worked his way into your heart. 

1. Nam Joo Hyuk is ready to give a glimpse of his chiseled abs.

2. No one can rock the jean vest better than him.

3. You can get a better view of his toned arms in this photo. Plus, he looks like a vision in white.

4. The word written on his chest says it all. 

5. You know he is one of the sexiest swimmers in South Korea in this image.

6. Sung Jae is hypnotizing you to fall head over heels in love with him.

7. He is a winner. He has the trophy to prove it!

8. His profile makes fans swoon.

9. His sexy stare and physique are just too much!

10. Nam has nothing on him! He doesn't even need to be near water to be sexy.

Which guy would you choose if you were in Kim So Hyun's place?

You can see the guys in action in the new series School 2015:

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Image source: Esquire Korea