Former U-KISS member Alexander Eusebio returns to the South Korean entertainment industry in the new KBS2 melodrama Moorim School. He takes on the supporting role of student Yub Jung in the unique school focused on instilling important virtues in each student. In real life, Alexander (aka Xander) doesn't take life too seriously. He has a healthy sense of humor that helps him breeze through this thing called life. 

Do you want to brighten your cold winter day? The list below features some of Xander's hilarious jokes he shared on social media that have his fans rolling on the floor laughing.

1. Xander is amazed at how authentic the Moorim School set looks. Even the toilet "looks so real"!

 2. Even his grandma knows how to have a good time on social media!

3. Do you ever stretch during your morning workout and wish you had a team to help you? It takes a village for Alexander!  

4. The "7 shades of Xander." How can you choose just one?

5. He brags that he smells good after an intense workout. 

6. Xander has a sensitive side. He enjoys a good tearjerker too! 

7. He is proud of his childhood cooking skills. Instant food rules!

8. The Hello Kitty revelation "traumatized" him!

9. In Xanderland, Santa slaps those on the naughty list. Who knew?

Which Xander joke had you laughing? Watch him in the premiere of Moorim School below!

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