It seems like nothing can go wrong now for Song Joong Ki. With an October wedding on the horizon, his new blockbuster The Battleship Island premiered in Korea on July 26, and not only was it number one at the box office, it actually broke records, becoming the largest opening movie in Korean history!

Over 970,000 moviegoers watched The Battleship Island on opening day, the first time in history that close to a million people watched a movie in Korea on the day of its premiere. Also starring Hwang Jung MinSo Ji Sub, and Lee Jung Hyun, the historical action film tells the story of a daring escape made by over 400 prisoners at a labor camp during the Japanese occupation. Besides the love for all the actors in the blockbuster, the subject matter is what brought so many to the theaters on opening day — a story of Korean heroism during times of unimaginable hardship.

What makes the record-breaking opening day so special is that it didn't just become the most watched Korean movie of all time (on its first day), but it became the number one movie ever! The previous record-holder for a Korean movie on opening day was last year's hit Train to Busan, and Tom Cruise's The Mummy, which just opened in June, held the overall record for the biggest opening day. But not anymore. In Korea, it looks like Tom Cruise has got nothing on Song Joong Ki and his gang. Having just been in theaters for two days, The Battleship Island is sure to break even more records when it's all said and done. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew!


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