On Sunday, I attended GOT7's Fly In USA tour stop in Chicago. The boys did a great job dancing and singing for their Midwestern fans, and they even surprised me by including my favorite songs in their performance list. If you were addicted to "Magnetic" after watching Dream Knight, or thought many of their hit singles were your new go-to songs, you will fall in love with their new tour! Just in case you won't be able to see their remaining shows in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles, I have listed some of the best songs GOT7 covered during their recent concert.

1. "Magnetic"  

I highly encourage you to watch Dream Knight to see the guys put on their acting caps, and play this amazing song throughout the web drama.

2. "I Like You"

You can't help but swoon when the cute guys profess their love for you and affirm how special you are to them. 

3. "A"

Who didn't love "A" when it first came out in 2014? I'm guilty of having this one on repeat!

4. "Girls Girls Girls"

Mark's slow motion cartwheel is even more amazing live! Their over-confident single proves to be true these days, because they are selling out venues!

5. "Fly"

In the concert, the boys explained that "Fly" literally meant they were planning to fly across to world to meet their IGOT7s. Mission accomplished! This is the go-to song of 2016!

Which song will be added to your summer playlist?


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