Empire is America's newest blockbuster television series depicting the lives of a rich family in charge of a hip hop entertainment company. Drug dealing, money, power, and fame are the core of what created the Lyon family's Empire Entertainment. 

What if South Korea remade the series? Who would take on the iconic roles already made famous by Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, and many other hot actors? This article will shed some light on the South Korean stars meant to take on the roles.

1. Lucious Lyon (actor Ji Sung

TheKill Me Heal Mestar knows how to be tough and vulnerable all at the same time. His many roles in his latest K-drama make him the ideal fit as a drug dealer turned entertainment mogul. Not to mention, he was the master of disguise years before his venture on the MBC melodrama.

2. Cookie Lyon (actress Han Ye Seul)

Han's character in Birth of a Beauty was determined to wreak havoc in her ex-husband's life after she discovered his plot to kill her. Her portrayal of a broken woman who had to endure her husband's infidelity, attempt to murder her, and extreme plastic surgery makes her the perfect Cookie Lyon. 

3. Andre Lyon (actor Kim Soo Hyun)

There isn't a role Km can't nail. He has superior talent that showcased itself in Dream High and continued to entrance viewers in My Love From Another Star. Who doesn't want to see him portray a power-hungry firstborn battling bi-polar disorder? He will have us hating and cheering for him all the way!

4. Jamal Lyon (actor Lee Jong Suk)

I loved him in School 2013! He was in control, but society didn't accept the way he chose to live his life. In Pinocchio, his character had to hide his true identity during his adolescence even though he was absolutely brilliant. Lee is the right actor to take on the smart yet overlooked middle child in the Lyon family. 

5. Hakeem Lyon (actor and singer Kim Myung Soo aka L)

The My Lovable Girl actor has proven he can make the role of a spoiled rich brat believable. The Infinite singer's role in the series was obsessed with his position in the spotlight, and he looked down on everyone he deemed beneath him. All he cared about was his popularity. On the flipside, he had a soft spot for his mom, just like Hakeem.

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6. Anika Calhoun (actress Park Shin Hye

I've seen Park in a few K-dramas like You're BeautifulHeartstringsHeirs, and Pinnochio, and she has superseded my expectations of her in every one of them! She is a genius when it comes to taking on a role and making it her own. Park has played a nun turned cross-dressing rockstar, a traditional musician, a simple poor high school girl, a reporter, and so much more. Playing a young fiancee in a long battle with a man's ex-wife should be a piece of cake. 

7. Rhonda Lyon (actress Gu Hye Sun

Who wouldn't want to be married to Kim Soo Hyun's character? Gu would be the envy of K-drama fans everywhere playing the on-screen power-hungry wife of Andre. She has successfully mastered being the good girl in numerous productions; it's about time this leading lady tried out more bad girl roles. The Boys Over Flowers actress continues to challenge herself off-screen with producing movies, writing books and releasing music. I would love to see the ultimate challenge on-screen too.  

Would you love to see these talented stars take over the roles in a K-drama version of the series? 

Shelly M is an author and blogger. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.com