The beautiful Im Yoo Na recently joined her labelmate Choi Min Ho in his latest K-drama Because It's The First Time. In the series, the SHINee member hilariously rejects her for delicious pastry, but in real life male stars have lined up to express their affection for her. 

Since her debut with Girls' Generation in 2007, it seems like she has been bombarded with messages from admirers within the South Korean entertainment industry alone.

I have listed just some of the many admirers who have been open about their feelings for the lovely idol.

1. Nichkhun

He has reminded the public numerous times that she was his ideal type through variety programs in the past. Despite the fact that he eventually dated her bandmate Tiffany for a short time, the 2PM member admitted he did like Yoo Na's smile.

2. Jo Kwon

The 2AM member liked Yoo Na so much he wanted her to be his We Got Married wife. Fans eventually fell in love with him and Ga In on the MBC pretend couple program. He didn't get the opportunity to have a second marriage.

3. Ok Taec Yeon

He has been crushing on Yoo Na since the very beginning! The Dream High star bought her gifts and gushed about her in the past. They were even paired together several times for work. You can tell the chemistry was real.

4. Lee Seung Gi

The Love Forecast actor chose the lovely Girls' Generation member as his dream girl numerous times, and he even dated her!. Unfortunately, their love story ended in August. However, the pair has promised to remain good friends.

5. Kim Jong Hyun

Her beauty intimidated him at first, and he was too shy to get close to her. Earlier this month, Jjong revealed on Mnet's Monthly Live Connection program that he formally addressed her for a couple of years.

6. Lee Teuk

The Super Junior member had a crush on her during their trainee days at SM Entertainment. In the past, the Attack on the Pin-Up Boys star even said she should marry him.

7. Oh Jae Moo

The 15-year-old child star had a case of puppy love on the girl group member. He was too shy to greet her at an awards show. 

8. Joo Jin Mo

During an interview with a MBC entertainment program, the My Love Eun Dong actor said she was the most beautiful woman in Korean entertainment. He admitted to being a fan of her girl group too.

9.  Seo In Guk

They were both part of the 2012 romantic K-drama Love Rain, but the pair didn't date off-screen. They were once swept up in dating rumors, and the "Love U" singer was happy about it because she was so pretty. He confessed that she is the prettiest in real life.

The list is endless! Are there any guys you would add to this list? How about famous girl crushes? 

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