The most anticipated supervillian movie of the year hit theaters last weekend. Suicide Squad, which made almost 300 million in the box office so far, boasts an all-star cast from the USA all the way to Australia. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney and many others surpassed fans exceptions, and they are probably begging for more. Now, what would happen if the film was remade into a South Korean film? I believe the stars on this list are the best people for the comic inspired roles

 Deadshot (actor Will Smith)

1. Song Joong Ki

If anyone could be chosen to be the best sharpshooter in K-dramas this year, it should be Song. Following his military discharge in real life, he amazed us all by perfectly portraying a captain of a South Korean Special Forces unit in Descendants of the Sun. Every action scene was impressive. I think he would have no problem being the worried dad Floyd Lawton either. 

Joker (actor Jared Leto)

2. Jang Geun Suk

I'm convinced there isn't a role out there that Jang can't play! He has master every character he has taken on since he started his career as a child actor in 1997. Who else can nail the deranged chemist role better than him? It's not easy playing a criminal mastermind with no super powers.

Harley Quinn (actress Margot Robbie)

3. Park Bo Young

If Park could handle being possessed by a sexy ghost in Oh My Ghostess, she can take on anything! I can see her playing the former sensible psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel that is so crazy about the Joker she decided to join his life of crime. Love makes everyone a little crazy, right?

Rick Flag (actor Joel Kinnaman)

4. Lee Byung Hun

Who needs superpowers when you have military training in your blood? His roles in G.I. Joe and Terminator Genisys prepared him for on-screen Hollywood combat. Plus, he is an acting veteran with 25 years of experience who knows how to take any role and make it his own.

Captain Boomerang (actor Jai Courtney)

5. Seo Kang Joon

He stole the show in Cheese in the Trap. Surely, fighting the most powerful forces in the DC Comics with boomerangs should be easy for him! Despite the character mostly using his bad language to hurt others and became the class clown on the squad, Seo is more than capable of trading flower boy image for evil. He is one of the best idol actors today!

El Diablo (actor Jay Hernandez)

6. Kim Woo Bin 

The Uncontrollably Fond star loves taking on the bad guy roles! Nothing is more evil than playing a demon or the devil himself. He might enjoy taking on the role of ex-convict Chato Santana and blaming his special power to produce fire on the demon possessing his body. 

Enchantress (actress Cara Delevingne)

7. Ha Ji Won

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days actress proved she is skilled on-screen fighter by her roles in Damo and The Huntresses alone.She doesn't even need to be possessed by Dzamor! She seems so smart that the alter ego Dr. June Moone should come second nature to her. 

Killer Croc (actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje)

8. Lee Min Ho 

Who doesn't want to see a flower boy like Lee transform into a character with reptilian features and wrestle alligators? Remember underneath his scary looking exterior is just a guy named Waylon Jones. He has taken on everything from a pretty boy in Boys Over Flowers to a gritty persona in Gangnam Blues.

Katana (actress Karen Fukuhara)

9. Kim So Hyun

It's clear that Kim has the ability to capture the "souls" of all her leading men including Taecyeon. This cutie pie would make a great Katana based on her rebel fighting in School 2015 and Let's Fight Ghost. All she needs is a sword and a cause.

Slipknot (actor Adam Beach)

10. Park Seo Joon

He did a great job lassoing in viewers' hearts in She Was Pretty and several dramas before that. I don't see any reason he can't literally become an expert in creating indestructible ropes to catch his opponents. 

Are you a big Suicide Squad fan? Do you agree with my choices for the main squad roles? 

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