South Korea releases the scariest horror films every summer, and K-Movie fans can't wait to see which hottie will scare them out of their seats. I've listed seven romantic comedy actors we would all love to see in upcoming K-horror flicks!

Lee Jong Suk

He has romanced beauties like Park Shin Hye and Lee Bo Young on the small screen. It would be a welcomed change to see the Pinocchio actor put the moves on a lovely ghost.

2. Nam Joo Hyuk

The Cheese and the Trap star's recent characters have been just as adorable as he is. I think becoming a supernatural being would be the ultimate challenge for him.

3. Kang Min Hyuk 

The Entertainer star has delighted us on-stage and screen since he debuted with CNBlue in 2009. We can all agree that he would be the cutest ghost ever! Although, a terrifying ghoul might prove to be his biggest acting feat yet!

4. Lee Tae Hwan 

His small supporting role in Please Come Back, Mister came close to being his first horror production, but he hasn't given us the opportunity to scream at the top of our lungs for him yet. It's hard to picture the Thumping Strike star's winning smile in a chilling summer film.

5. Kim Min Jae

The Twenty Again actor has played the sweet roles of best friend, boyfriend, son, etc., but what would happen if South Korea's new boy-next-door became a nightmare? I'm not even sure if this cutie can scare anyone, but I know his fans wold love to see him try!

6. Lee Yi Kyung

Besides a few historical productions and his role as a back-up bully on School 2013, we haven't seen Lee play anything supernatural or simply terrifying. His hilarious portrayal of Min Jae in Because Its The First Time tells me he would fit in a horror film with a comedic twist. 

7.Sung Hoon 

The former swimmer has acted in several K-Dramas in recent years. Of course, his most notable role was as Jang Soon Jung in Oh My Venus. Can you imagine this hot 33 year-old star as a sexy vampire?

Which acting heartthrob do you want on the big screen?


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Image Credits: Lee Jong Suk's Instagram, Nam Joo Hyuk's Instagram and ENewsWorld