Lee Je Hoon is bringing classic K-dramas back in Tomorrow With You! His character Yoo So Joon looks like the perfect guy on the outside, but he is secretly fighting his inner demons. Heartbreak and loneliness are at the top of the list for our poor Yoo after he endured the tragic loss of his parents. Lee Je Hoon is already off to a great start portraying this complex character! By now, we all want to give oppa a big hug to make it all better. I have found photos of our hot oppa that is sure to make you an instant Tomorrow with You fan, if you aren't one already.

1. This is just shy of a sexy collarbone shot, but we are satisfied with this glimpse of his chest. Black and white makes it so much more artistic!

2. Are you enjoying the gun show as much as the rest of his fandom? 

3. You have to love a man who looks amazing in traditional clothing. 

4. That smile is magic! How can you resist it? 

5. Who doesn't love a guy with a buzz cut? He should consider sporting this style year-round! 

6. He is working that blue jacket! The 32 year-old actor looks like he is ready for his first day of college. 

7. Just in case you were in doubt, oppa is smoking hot! I'm surprised he isn't already married to the love of his life yet. 

Which photo do you want as your smartphone's wallpaper? 

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Image Credit: Nate


Tomorrow With You

Starring Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon

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