There are some Korean stars who are very proud of their adorable natural eyes, and they make us just a tad bit jealous. I have listed 15 stars who are striking with their naturally beautiful eyes.

1. Rain

Fans love every inch of the sexy idol, but his unique eyes have always set him apart. Without the My Lovable Girl actor's soulful gaze, K-Pop lovers around the world would be lost!

2. Kim Ji Soo

The Doctor Crush actor is returning to TV this fall in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo to make more K-drama fans fall in love with him. His face is only one a mother, father and entire world could love!

3. Park So Dam

After starring alongside everyone's celebrity crushes Choi Min Ho and Kim Min Jae in Because its the First Time last year, she is living the ultimate fantasy in Cinderella and Four Knights. Her gorgeous eyes are captivating all the hot guys. 

4. Yoon Kyoon Sang

Park Shin Hye's character in Doctor Crush couldn't choose him, but I'm guessing viewers around the world would never reject Yoon in real life. If he is the doctor on duty, the clinic would be packed! 

5. Kim Go Eun

The Cheese in a Trap star's natural beauty makes her the envy of many ladies. Who else can look this good and act alongside hot leading men like Park Hae Jin and Seo Kang Joon in one season? 

6. Ryu Joon Yul

The Answer Me 1988 actor has been growing his fanbase since the winter series ended with another drama, movies and just being his cute self. The entertainment world loves Ryu.

7. CL

The 2NE1: New Evolution in Seoul star is bringing her gorgeous peepers stateside with her official American music debut on Friday. Her single "Lifted" releases on Friday. Do you think all of American will love the K-Pop queen just as much as her global Blackjacks already do? 

8. Taeyang

The BIGBANG MADE TOUR star is one of the sexiest idols in the K-Pop industry, and I think his delightful eyes were a big contribution to his sensual status.

9. Ahn So Hee

The former Wonder Girls member has been Heechul's celebrity crush for years! You know the Hellcats actress deserves to be your summer crush too! 

10. JB

I think all the GOT7 members receive equal love from their fans. JB is known for his incredible acting, singing and piercing gaze. IGOT7s know he is so lovable.

11. Onew

ShaWols knew he was adorable since his debut. It just took the acting world a little longer to recognize just how precious the SHINee member truly is. The Descendants of the Sun actor's cute eyes help make him the unforgettable star we always knew he was.

12. Daesung

Alongside Taeyang, the BIGBANG ALIVE Around the World star has been enjoying the good life as a superstar idol with his coveted monolids. Who doesn't want to join BIGBANG? 

13. Lee Joon Ki

The Scarlet Heart: Ryeo actor never had a problem landing the leading man roles. I wonder if the casting directors were mesmerized by his eyes.

14. Yoo Ah In

This Secret Love Affair actor is romancing hoobaes and noonas on-screen, and some viewers were probably very jealous of his leading ladies. Not only did they have love scenes with Yoo, but they could stare into his eyes all day.

15. Ga In

Her lovely eyes have made the Brown Eyed Girls member even more alluring. 

These are just a few of the many stars who love their natural eyes. Who would you add to this list?

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Image Credits: Harper's Bazaar