While our favorite K-drama women have some great envy-inducing wardrobes, these sexy K-drama men certainly give them a run for their money! Always stylish and put together, these male characters actually dress better than most women I know.

Check out these 7 stylish and sexy guys below and let us know who you think is the most fashionable of the bunch!

1. Choi Young Do - Heirs

While some Heirs fans may choose Kim Tan over Choi Young Do as the most fashionable heir, Young Do's classic yet manly style definitely wins out for me! I mean, does anyone look as good in a leather jacket as Kim Woo Bin? No.

2. Jeon Jin Ho - Personal Taste

Lee Min Ho's characters all have a very distinct style, but Jeon Jin Ho is definitely my favorite! I love all his different shirt and suit combinations as well as his jackets. He always manages to look perfectly unkempt and put together at the same time!

3. Seo In Ha - Love Rain

In Ha is definitely not afraid of color or mixing patterns! His personality definitely shows through his outfit choices, which is exactly what you want!

4. Do Min Joon - My Love From Another Star

Someone as fashionable as Cheon Song Yi certainly deserves someone as equally fashionable as Do Min Joon. While he has been on earth for a few hundred years, thank God his style has managed to evolve and change with the times! He looks perfectly 21st Century.

5. Jang Dong Chul - Triangle

Probably one of my personal favorites on this list, Jang Dong Chul has some amazing fashion sense! From his tailored shirts and pants to his magnificent suits, Dong Chul definitely drives me crazy!

6. Joo Joong Won - The Master's Sun

Another man who isn't afraid of some color! Joo Joong Won's candy-colored tailored suits are just one of the reasons I love him so much!

7. Lee Shin - Heartstrings

Lee Shin definitely pulls on my heartstrings! His casual style is definitely a breath of fresh air. I love all his cardigans and open button-down shirts. 

Which sexy hunk do you think is the most fashionable? Do you have any friends who dress as well as these runway-ready characters? Comment down below! And don't forget to check out the female half of this article series!

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