Leeteuk tells White Swan all about his adventures into plastic surgery. The Super Junior member joins Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School actress Lee Seung Yun at the MC table for the brand new JTBC makeover series White Swan. During a recent filming, the "Mr. Simple" singer disclosed a personal story about his plastic surgery consultation. 

“As I age, I want to maintain the pretty boy image and make my jaws look softer, my nose sharper, and my eyes shine. I received a consultation at a plastic surgery clinic once. The doctor gave me this advice, ‘Plastic surgery is about remodeling, not reconstructing. You should live with your unique traits.’”

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White Swan, which premieres on the JTBC network in May, gives guests the opportunity to make over their entire life, not just their appearance. They offer home makeovers and more.

I'm against any of my favorite stars going under the knife. Why do they want to change their natural beauty? I believe it's best for them to embrace their uniqueness and be proud.

What about you? What is your opinion of plastic surgery?

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