Over the past three weeks, The Bride of the Water God has introduced us to a plethora of intriguing characters. From the god world to the human one, we have been bombarded with a host of beings, and we're racking our brains trying to figure out their connection with each other. We know the comic is drastically different from the K-drama, and the questions are endless.

Today, I have listed seven characters we can discuss and figure out their true identities together.

1. Moo Ra (actress Krystal Jung)

The question on everyone's mind is....Were Habaek and Moo Ra lovers in their world? Habaek mentioned that he and Moo Ra had a special connection, and that she was jealous of ladies around him. Her character's description says she has a one-sided crush on him, but I think something happened in their realm for her feelings to begin. In addition, she was a witch in the comic book series. How has she suddenly transformed into a water goddess in the K-drama?

2. Bi Ryum (Gong Myung)

It's crystal clear by now that Bi Ryum controls wind and the weather. However, his mischievous side doesn't hold a candle to the inner villain within. Why is he so jealous of Habaek? I think their bad blood goes much farther back than his crush on Moo Ra. I wonder if he knows if there are other gods in the human realm.

3. Nam Soo Ri (actor Park Kyu Sun)

Who doesn't want to know more about his role in the god world? He is Habaek's trusty servant in the human world who does everything in his power to make life comfortable for him. They hinted that Soo Ri had a connection to fish (Joo Geol Rin even called him a mandarinfish) and had a much lower rank than Habaek, but what were his duties in the god world?

4. Shin Ja Ya (actress Bae Noo Ri)

One minute she is bullying So Ah and the next whining to her grandfather. She appears to be a typical spoiled brat in dramaland, but I think there is more to her than meets the eye. She either has some dark past that made her bitter over time, or she holds a strong connection to the god world. Could she be a demi-god like Hoo Ye (actor Im Ju Hwan)?

5. Jo Yeom Mi (actress Choi Woo-Ri)

She is so important to the story! Yeom Mi is So Ah's close friend whom she relies on for guidance. To date, she seems like a scam artist when it comes to the supernatural, but the fact that she brought back Joo Geol Rin gives her some brownie points with us. We all want to know more about her background, and why she feels she has a gift. 

6. High Priest (actor Lee Geung Young)

Before Habaek traveled to the human realm, the high priest gave him the map to find the god stones, but left out so many important details about his trip. Why did Habaek lose his powers and the map when he landed? Also, why is he constantly monitoring Habaek's journey? Is he a secret foe of Habaek?

7. Joo Geol Rin (actor Lee Dal Hyung)

Since he kissed HaBaek in episode 2, we can't stop thinking about him! Initially, Habaek couldn't remember who he was, but his history in the god world all came back to him. A mere accident and threat from Moo Ra made him flee the god realm. Viewers want to know how Geol Rin's been living in the human world. Will he keep returning to make the gods' storyline even more interesting? 

Whose backstory interests you the most? Which The Bride of the Water God supporting character should be added to this list? 


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