U-KISS' lovable member Kevin Woo joined the After School Club in 2013. After delighting viewers every Tuesday afternoon on Arirang TV, his show finally comes to DramaFever! Before you consider if you should tune in, I want to remind you that Kevin alone can turn up your inner fangirl. I have listed seven surprising times he had everyone fangirling over him. 

After reading the reasons below, I guarantee you'll be highly anticipating an After School Club marathon.

1. Kevin's cover of Chris Brown's "With You" on After School Club.

Who hasn't had this on repeat? The 24 year-old idol stole every fandom's heart with his satin vocals on this R&B cover.

2. His swoon-worthy acting in the web drama About Love.

He emulated K-drama love perfectly without one single kiss scene! Kevin played the handsome barista who had a secret crush on one of the pretty customers (played by LABOUM's ZN).

3. The sexy fan service dances. 

When KARA's "Step" was the hottest song of 2011, he and former U-KISS member Dong Ho nailed their girls' sexy choreography. Their dance covers thrilled so many fans that year.

4. The time his shipped himself with f(x)'s Amber

Last Monday, he and Amber hosted ASC together, and he shared a comedic couple selfie with the hashtag #shesallminenowmuahaha after the show. Fans always ship idols with fellow celebrities, but it's not everyday you see an idol take the initiative on social media. 

5. When he devoted an Instagram post to his parents.

Kevin is very grateful for the supportive people in his life. In addition to his loving friends, he proudly acknowledges that his parents are his biggest fans. "Thank you mom and dad for always believing in me. I promise I'll continue to grow to be the best son I can be. Love you, " was his heartwarming caption to the sweet photo on Instagram. 

6. His apology to KISSMes for U-KISS' "Quit Playing" music video.

Their adult-themed video shocked many KISSMes in 2014, and the choreography even had to be changed before they performed it on weekly music shows. Kevin tweeted an apology to young fans after stating that he was not 100% in agreement with the concept.."I would like to apologize to our fans and viewers who might have been offended by the material in the music video and choreography."

7. He is just as adorable when he's drunk.

Kevin turns up the aegyo when he has a little too much to drink! Fans actually want to hang out with him more when he's been drinking because he acts so cute.

Which fangirl-worthy moment is your favorite?

Shelly M is an author and blogger. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.com

Image and Video credits: Fanny Grn, Daniel KimUKISSmomentsKevin Woo's Instagram, Kevin Woo's Twitter