Addictive mystery and suspense dramas thrive on a compelling story that keeps you guessing and vivid characters that practically jump off the screen. Thriller fans are now streaming to DramaFever, where global hit mysteries and crime stories can rival any American thrillers. These excellent whodunits not only keep you on the edge of your seat but also give an added twist. Looking for your next mystery hit? Check out some excellent choices right here.

1. Stranger (Secret Forest), starring Bae Doona and Cho Seung Woo

An emotionless yet hyper-focused prosecutor and a no-nonsense yet compassionate detective form a murder investigation team that uncovers an intricate web of deceit and corruption. You'll keep guessing and revising your theory about the mastermind behind it all until the very end. Sense8's Bae Doona stars in this perfectly crafted suspense thriller.

2. Signal, starring Lee Je Hoon, Kim Hye Soo, and Jo Jin Woong

The fantastic drama portrays two detectives who are separated by space and time but are inexplicably connected by a mysterious radio. Can they stop crimes before they occur? Can they track down the culprits when the cases have run cold? It is not the usual crowd-pleaser, but through its excellent script that is inspired by true crimes, along with an impressive cast and production, this Korean thriller has captured hearts and won praise from so many fans that it's made it to the 20 most highly rated dramas.

3. Love Me If You Dare, starring Wallace Huo, Ma Si Chun, and Wang Kai

Sexy and scary at the same time, the mystery crime drama is about a man whose dark past refuses to leave him and threatens his future. A brilliant criminal profiler and his assistant form an invincible crime-fighting duo. But when a particularly intelligent serial killer starts stalking the profiler, everyone in his life becomes a target. Leading man Wallace Huo wins accolades for his outstanding performance. The series has been credited with creating an international interest in Chinese crime dramas by attracting an unusually high number of worldwide fans.

4. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, starring Zhang Ruo Yun, Jiao Jun Yan, and Li Xian

Adapted from the novel written by a real-life Chinese forensic expert, the fascinating procedural drama follows a team of three charmingly gruff forensic teammates that specializes in gruesome and bizarre mysteries. Despite the real Dr. Qin's original concern that leading man Zhang Ruo Yun may be too handsome to play such a complex character, the series has impressed and thrilled many fans who now clamor for Season 2.

5. Three Days, starring Park Yoo Chun, Park Ha Sun, and Son Hyun Joo

Three shots are fired and the president of South Korea suddenly goes missing from his vacation villa. And Blue House Secret Service agent Han Tae Kyung doesn’t have much time to save the president when he himself is on the run. Will he be able to find the president with the help of a local female police officer in the taut action thriller?

6. Tunnel, starring Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoon Hyun Min, and Lee Yoo Young

A detective pursues an elusive criminal into a tunnel and ends up thirty years in the future where the only familiar face is the killer himself. How can he capture the killer, and will he ever return to his wife who is waiting for him in the past? But first, can he still work as a cop? The thrilling drama marks popular actor Choi Jin Hyuk’s return from military service to his anxiously awaiting fans.

7. The Truth Beneath, starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Joo Hyuk

This South Korean movie is an emotional roller-coaster ride about a dutiful wife supporting her husband on the eve of his first political election, when their lives are torn apart by the sudden disappearance of their daughter. As she goes down the rabbit hole to find her child, she discovers that she really knows very little about the man she married.

The above list is but a sample selection from dramas that have captivated the viewers at DramaFever. Aside from hitting high marks demanded by mystery and suspense fans, these acclaimed productions often inject a unique flair for humor and even romance. 

Are there other Asian dramas or movies that you'd like to add to this list?

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