We are just days away from 2017, and it's time to make a new resolution! Forget about the usual weight loss, traveling and fortune seeking goals, redefine your new year with K-drama hug goals. I think 2016 gave us so many examples of the best back hugs, its hard to choose just one. However, I have found nine sweet back hugs that happened in your favorite K-dramas that we want in real life.

1. Who doesn't want to be romanced by royalty? Hae Soo hit the jackpot with the Prince who eventually became King. In this era, they had to live in the moment. (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

2. The reserved Yoo Jung wasn't shy when it came to expressing his feelings. He even hugged his girlfriend on campus! (Cheese in the Trap)

3. Doctors fall in love just like everyone else. Hong Ji Hong was the one harboring the crush on Hye Jung for years, but she was the one giving him the best back hugs. (Doctor Crush)

4. Again, when royalty falls in love with you, it's almost impossible to say no! Ra On wanted to enjoy every moment with her prince. Even Prince Hyomyeong didn't see this affectionate moment coming. (Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds)

5. Kang Ji Woon and Eun Ha Won had so many misunderstandings and fights, but it didn't stop them from getting the happy ending they deserved. Who didn't love their delightful back hug moment at the end? (Cinderella and Four Knights)

6. They may have been fighting to win Pyo Na Ri's heart, but Lee Hwa Shin and Go Jung Won didn't forget to cherish their bromance too. The brotherly love was on display following Hwa Shin's breast cancer diagnosis. (Jealousy Incarnate)

7. Gong Myung's adorable crush on Park Ha Na was just another highlight in the hilarious series. His thank you hug took everyone by surprise, and we were just as breathless as Ha Na. (Let's Drink)

8. We may have all cried our eyes out when Shin Joon Young and No Eul tried to enjoy their last few moments together before fate separated them, but Joon Young's hug undid us all. That endearing embrace was everything! (Uncontrollably Fond

9. A boyfriend who risks his life for you is teh ultimate turn on! Jeha put it on the line for Anna every week, and this blanket back hug gave us all the feels. It was sweet and sexy. (The K2)

Which back hug is going on your 2017 resolutions list?

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